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    MSPSH3X6SS - Small Head JIS Stainless



    MSPSH3X6SS - Small Head JIS Stainless
    New $ 0.2000
    M3x0.5x6, M3x.5x6, M3x6

    Special metric small head diameter machine screws with phillips drive and pan head.

    Diameter: 3mm
    Threading: 0.5 Coarse
    Length: 6mm

    Head Diameter: 5.3mm
    Head Height: 2.0mm

    Specification: JIS B1111

    Stainless Steel

    Also known as Cross Recess Pan Head Machine Screw, phillips pan head screw. **The head height and head diameter of this pan head screw is roughly 13% smaller than a standard pan head machine screw**

    Commonly used in motorcycles, Asian assemblies, excellent for tight space limitations.

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    • Model: MSPSH3X6SS
    • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG
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