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NSBT5X10SS - Barrel Nut with Tamper Proof Torx Stainless



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NSBT5X10SS - Barrel Nut with Tamper Proof Torx Stainless
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M5x0.8x10, M5X.8X10, M5X10

Metric Barrel Nut, Button Head Style with Tamper Proof Torx-25 Pin Drive

Diameter: 5mm
Pitch: 0.8 Coarse Thread
Fully Threaded Barrel Length: 10mm

Head Diameter: 10mm
Head Height: 3.5mm
Barrel Diameter: 6.3mm

SL-drive with pin ( 6-Lobe Recess ) also known as inner multi-tooth drive
To be used with Bel-Metric Part No. SBT5BIT also known as TX PIN 25 Bit

A2 Stainless Steel

The Pin-in-Torx drive requires a special bit to install, preventing theft and providing extra security to the fastener. Applications include safety engineering, public access spaces, playgrounds, signage, solar industries, and general metal construction. This stainless steel barrel nut is suitable for use in damp rooms and outdoors.

Also known as two-way metric button head security nut, interscrews, or pan head nut.

  • Model: NSBT5X10SS
  • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG