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    WL27SS - Lock Washer Stainless Steel



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    WL27SS - Lock Washer Stainless Steel
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    M27, 27mm Metric Stainless Split Lock Washer with Standard Outer Diameter

    Split lock washers exert a spring force between the head of the fastener and the parent material, increasing friction and providing resistance against rotation.

    For Bolt & Screw Diameters: 27mm
    Actual Inner Diameter: 27.5mm
    Outer Diameter: 43.0mm

    Material Thickness: 5.0mm
    Height: 10.0mm

    DIN 127B ( Type B )

    A2 Stainless Steel (18-8)

    Also known as general use spring lock metric washer, helical shape washer. Not to be used with reverse thread (left hand) fasteners.

    • Model: WL27SS
    • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG