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    RHPOLY9 - MERCEDES OEM Hard plastic hose



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    RHPOLY9 - MERCEDES OEM Hard plastic hose
    New $ 9.3600


    9mm COHLINE German Polyamide (polymide) fuel line, Black

    ID 9mm, OD 12.0mm

    Working Temperature -76F to 212F with short term temperature spikes up to 266F degrees

    Working Pressure at ambient temperature (68F) is 275 psi / 19 bar

    Hoses are cut off a continuous spool, charged per meter. Maximum continuous length is 20 meters.

    Mercedes # A 000 987 28 27 (A0009872827)

    Polyamid hose demonstrates mechanical resistance against abrasion, impact shock and oscillation. It has a small bending radius, is easy to install, lightweight and does not require an anti corrosive.

    Applications: Fuel lines, injection lines, lubrication lines, oil lines, air lines, low pressure lines, coolant lines, vacuum lines, hydraulic lines, high temperature lines and air brake lines.

    Good for many types of fluid such as:
    Gasoline (Petroleum)
    Diesel Fuel
    Hydraulic Oil
    Engine Oil
    Brake Fluid

    • Model: A0009872827