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    NCAGE8SS - Cage Nut / Stainless Cage with Zinc Nut



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    NCAGE8SS - Cage Nut / Stainless Cage with Zinc Nut
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    M8, 8mm, M8X1.250 M8X1.25

    Cage Nut with Stainless Steel Cage holding a Zinc Plated Square Nut

    Nut Diameter: 8mm
    Nut Pitch: 1.25 Coarse Thread

    Use with Sheet Thickness: 1.8 - 3.2mm

    Dual Material Assembly:
    A2 Stainless Steel Cage
    Class 8 Zinc Plated Nut

    Outer Cage Dimensions: 16mm x 16mm
    Cage Height (Proud of Surface Post-Install): 7.8mm

    Also known as a caged nut, captive nut or clip nut. A cage nut is a fastener comprised of a spring steel cafe which wraps around a square nut. The cage has two wings that compress to allow the cage to be inserted into a square hole punched in an equipment assembly or sheet metal. When the wings are released they hold the nut in position behind the hole. The square nut fits loosely within the cage to allow for slight alignment adjustments.

    *Please enquire via email if you are looking for a stainless steel cage nut that contains a stainless steel nut instead of a zinc plated nut. These are available as a special order item.

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    • Model: NCAGE8SS
    • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG