COHLCRIMP - Cohline Crimping Tool



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COHLCRIMP - Cohline Crimping Tool
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Cohline Crimping Tool for fuel lines, oil lines, cooling lines, etc.

This crimping tool properly crimps hose collars to mimic pre-assembled OEM lines.

*Applicable to all hose collar sleeves with an inside diameter of 9mm up to 32mm. Will crimp up to COHL32-23.7HC which is suitable for a 22mm ID hose that has an OD of 30mm.

There are 2 sets of crimping fingers to accommodate a range of hose collar sizes. These can be easily changed by loosing nuts and removing the face plate.

Set 1: 9mm - 17mm
Set 2: 18mm - 28mm

Hose collars feature a small hole towards the top of the collar to ensure that the hose is fully inserted into the collar prior to crimping. A starter assortment (shown in the photo) of hose collar sizes is included in the purchase of the Crimping Tool.

The base of the tool features holes for mounting to a work bench or other surface for stabilization.

OEM lines for Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen.

***This crimping tool is not suitable for high pressure hydraulic lines***
***Bel-Metric does not provide a crimping service or pre-assembled lines***

This is a small quantity stock item. If item is out of stock, lead time can range from 2-8 weeks.

Cohline Part # 9990.0018

  • Model: 9990 0018
  • Manufactured by: Cohline