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BNJDB8/4-5 - Double Barb Banjo



BNJDB8/4-5 - Double Barb Banjo
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M8 Double Barb Banjo Eye Fitting with a 4mm to 5mm barb.

DIN 7642 Type B, also known as a double end hose banjo fitting.

To be used with a rubber hose that has an inside diameter of 4mm to 5mm.

Overall length is 58mm.

This hollow fitting is used in conjunction with our Banjo Bolts for fuel, air, oil etc. Good for high pressure applications.

This fitting may come in zinc or yellow zinc plated.

Made in Germany. COHLINE part # 8082 0303 (80820303)

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  • Model: 8082 0303
  • Manufactured by: Cohline