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    NFLOAT6CAD - Floating Anchor Nut Cadmium Plated



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    NFLOAT6CAD - Floating Anchor Nut Cadmium Plated
    New $ 4.2500


    M6, M6x1, M6x1.00 Metric Floating Two Lug Self-Locking Anchor Nut Plate **sold per piece**

    This thin walled, self locking nut plate has a reduced barrel height (low profile) and utilizes two rivets to install a captive nut behind a panel.

    Diameter: 6mm
    Pitch: 1.0 Coarse Thread

    Length: 29.2mm
    Width: 13.1mm
    Height: 7.1mm

    Rivet Size: 3.3mm (1/8")
    Rivet Spacing: 22mm

    0.75mm Radial float / misalignment allowance

    Material: 25CrMo4 Alloy Structural Steel, Lightweight!
    (Hardened strength, 900 Mpa, comparable to Metric Class 10.9)
    Rockwell HRC 43max

    Finish: Cadmium Plated MoS2 Coating (dry film coating), Low Friction
    *helps reduce wear and coefficient of friction

    Salt Spray: 500 hrs.
    Temp Max: 400F

    Also known as all floating metal lock nut, many motorsport and automotive applications.

    Super light weight, commonly used in Aerospace applications to standards LN 29679

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    • Model: NFLOAT6CAD
    • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG