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COHL30.5-23.7HC - Cohline Hose Collar



COHL30.5-23.7HC - Cohline Hose Collar
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30.5mm Inner Diameter Cohline OEM Hose Collar

Hose collars eliminate the need for a hose clamp. European OEM hose lines originally featured hose collars for a cleaner, streamlined look.

Fitting hole diameter (Ground Hole): 23.7mm
**The maximum clearance for the fitting to pass through the hole and into the hose.

Outside Hose Diameter: 29.0mm - 29.5mm
**The outer diameter of the hose that will fit this collar.

Hose collars feature a small hole towards the top of the collar to ensure that the hose is fully inserted into the collar prior to crimping.

For proper assembly of fittings, the Cohline Crimping Tool #9990.0018 is necessary.

Finish: Zinc Plated, yellow or silver depending on current stock.

Cohline# 8001.3050

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  • Model: 8001 3050
  • Manufactured by: Cohline