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TS1015 - M10X1.5 Time-Sert Kit



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TS1015 - M10X1.5 Time-Sert Kit
New $ 94.6900


M10X1.5, M10X1.50, M10 TIME-SERT Thread Repair Kit

Diameter of Insert: 10mm
Pitch of Insert: 1.5 Coarse Thread
Overall length of included inserts: 14.0mm

*Time-Sert inserts are always identified by the interior thread diameter and pitch of the insert.*

Kit contains:
Installation Driver
Plastic storage box
(5) Carbon Steel Inserts 14.0mm long (INSERT PN# TS10151)

Time-Sert Kit# 1015

Time-Sert inserts are made of solid steel and are designed to be self-locking, which offers a permanent repair. This kit is meant to be used in a first-time thread repair. External threads of Time-Sert inserts do not correspond with off-the-shelf tap sizes. Individual tools are not sold separately.

Made in the USA, the Time-Sert brand is recommended by leading automotive manufacturers.

Additional inserts that can be used with this kit are available for individual purchase:
TS10157 M10X1.5X9.4 Steel Inserts
TS101511 M10X1.5X11.0 Steel Inserts
TS10151 M10X1.5X14.0 Steel Inserts
TS101517 M10X1.5X17.0 Steel Inserts
TS10153 M10X1.5X20.0 Steel Inserts
TS101522 M10X1.5X22.0 Steel Inserts
TS10155 M10X1.5X24.5 Steel Inserts

  • Model: 1015
  • Manufactured by: Time-Sert