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    NNOGO8CLZ - NoGo Security Nut Hammer-On Zinc



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    NNOGO8CLZ - NoGo Security Nut Hammer-On Zinc
    New $ 8.2500


    M8X1.25, M8X1.250, M8, 8mm

    Metric NoGo Tamper Proof Two-Part Enclosed Security Nut

    *Hammer-On Design, No Special Tooling Needed*

    NoGo Nuts offer the best possibly security for bolts and screws because the entire head of the bolt or screw is fully enclosed after installation. Access to the enclosed fastener is all but impossible after the cap is hammered into the base.

    For Bolt and Screw Diameter: 8mm
    Pitch: Coarse or Fine
    *Will accommodate any 8mm fastener with head diameter of 19.8mm or less*

    Exterior Post Installation (Finish) Capsule Dimensions:
    Top Diameter: 25.7mm
    Bottom Diameter: 28.4mm
    Overall height: 14.0mm

    Material: Case Hardened Steel CR-3
    Finish: Zinc Plated

    NoGo nuts are a patent protected design, ***pricing is per 2-part, single nut assembly**. Screws and bolts sold separately.

    • Model: NNOGO8CLZ
    • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG