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BUNA-O-RING - "O" Ring assortment



BUNA-O-RING - "O" Ring assortment
New $ 49.9500


BUNA Rubber "O" Ring Assortment.

18 different sizes, 500 pieces.

Material: Nitrlie rubber, 70 L.H.R.D.

Temp range: -40 to 120 Degrees Celcius

Kit includes the following gaskets in mm:

3.69x1.78 (40pcs)
4.47x1.78 (40pcs)
5.28x1.78 (40pcs)
6.07x1.78 (40pcs)
7.66x1.78 (40pcs)
9.25x1.78 (30pcs)
9.19x2.62 (30pcs)
10.78x2.62 (30pcs)
12.37x2.62 (30pcs)
13.95x2.62 (30pcs)
15.54x2.62 (20pcs)
17.13x2.62 (20pcs)
18.72x2.62 (20pcs)
18.64x3.53 (20pcs)
20.22x3.53 (25pcs)
23.40x3.53 (15pcs)
25.00x3.53 (15pcs)
26.57x3.53 (15pcs)

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  • Model: BUNA-O-RING
  • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG