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NSCROLL20SS - Scroll Security Nut Stainless Steel



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NSCROLL20SS - Scroll Security Nut Stainless Steel
New $ 24.7200


M20X2.5, M20X2.50, M20, 20mm

Metric Tamper Proof SCROLL Security Nut, Stainless Steel

These smooth bottom rounded nuts require a specialized driver socket tool to install and remove, providing superior theft protection.

The benefit of the SCROLL nut is that it has no sharp angles to provide grip for readily available hand tools commonly used to compromise fasteners.

Diameter: 20mm
Pitch: 2.5 Coarse Thread

Top Diameter: 25mm
Bottom Diameter: 35mm
Low profile, Overall height: 15mm

Install / Removal Tool Socket for both 20mm Scroll Nuts Belmetric Tool Part Number: NSCROLL20BIT

A2 Stainless Steel
*Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel for use in damp environments

SCROLL nuts are a patent protected design, pricing is per nut.

  • Model: NSCROLL20SS
  • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG