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    NSHEAR4SS - Tamper Proof Shear Nut Stainless Steel



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    NSHEAR4SS - Tamper Proof Shear Nut Stainless Steel
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    M4X0.7, M4X.7, 4mm

    Metric Tamper Proof Security Break Off (Shear) Nut with breaking point 5-9 Nm

    These nuts are used to provide superior theft protection, require no special tools to install, and are extremely difficult to remove. Once the assembly is secured into place, the top nut breaks off leaving a secured nut with no drive.

    Diameter: 4mm
    Pitch: 0.7 Coarse Thread
    Height of Breakoff Nut: 3.0mm
    Height of Installed Nut: 4.0mm

    Wrench: 7mm
    Breaking Point: 5-9 Nm

    A2 Stainless Steel (18-8 , 304)

    Also known as break-away nut, pull off nut, non removable nut. Shear nuts are highly versatile and offer superior protection as a loss prevention fastener.

    • Model: NSHEAR4SS
    • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG