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    CNPL18X1.5NUT - Cohline Swivel Nut



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    CNPL18X1.5NUT - Cohline Swivel Nut
    New $ 3.6700


    M18X1.5 Metric Swivel Nut for Metric Rubber & Polyamid Hoses

    Swivel nuts allow you to join two hose lines together while keeping the hoses and fitting stationary. The nut is tightened to join the cone nipple and female fitting to complete the assembly.

    Metric swivel nuts have a bore hole at one end that swivels on the fitting.

    Applicable Fitting Diameter: 13.5mm
    * This is the area where the nut sits and swivels on the fitting.

    Actual Bore Hole Diameter: 13.82mm TAKE MEASUREMENT
    *The actual bore hole of the nut is where the fitting passes through the nut.

    Wrench Size: 22mm
    Overall Height: 16mm
    Thread Dimensions: M18X1.5

    This fitting may come in Zinc (most common) or Yellow Zinc plated.

    Made in Germany
    COHLINE part # 8031 1000 ( 8031.1000 )

    Type B2LL
    DIN 3870

    • Model: 8031 1000
    • Manufactured by: Cohline