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    NTGROOVE8SS - T-GROOVE Security Nut Stainless Steel



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    NTGROOVE8SS - T-GROOVE Security Nut Stainless Steel
    New $ 3.4900


    M8X1.25, M8, 8mm

    Metric Tamper Proof Security T-GROOVE Nut, Stainless Steel

    These smooth bottom cone shape nuts require a specialized tool to install and remove, providing superior theft protection.

    Diameter: 8mm
    Pitch: 1.25 Coarse Thread

    Top Diameter: 13.4mm
    Bottom Diameter: 20.9mm
    Overall Height: 8.38mm

    Install / Removal Tool Socket Size: #30 / 30TG.375S

    A4 / 316 Superior Class Stainless Steel
    **Marine Grade Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel

    • Model: NTGROOVE8SS
    • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG