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TAPSET110 - Tap and Die Set



TAPSET110 - Tap and Die Set
New $ 462.7100
110 Piece metric tap and die set.

This set includes:
(3) Tap wrenches
(2) Die holders

Each tap size consists of a "Starting" and "Finishing" tap.
There is one round die for each size.

Sizes include: 2x0.4, 3x0.5, 4x0.7, 5x0.8, 6x0.75, 6x1.0, 7x0.75, 7x1.0, 8x0.75, 8x1.0, 8x1.25, 9x1.0, 9x1.25, 10x0.75, 10x1.0, 10x1.25, 10x1.5, 11x0.75, 11x1.0, 11x1.25, 11x1.5, 12x0.75, 12x1.0, 12x1.25, 12x1.5, 12x1.75, 14x1.0, 14x1.25, 14x1.5, 14x2.0, 16x1.0, 16x1.5, 16x2.0, 18x1.5.

Kit comes complete with a metal carrying case.

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  • Model: TAPSET110
  • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG