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    NJAM24X2.0BLZ - Jam Nut Black Zinc



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    NJAM24X2.0BLZ - Jam Nut Black Zinc
    New $ 2.9900


    M24X2.0, M24 Metric Jam Nut, Specialty Fine Thread Jam Nut with Black Zinc Plating

    Diameter: 24mm
    Pitch: 2.0 Fine Thread

    Height: 11mm
    Wrench Size: 36mm

    DIN 439

    Material: Class 04 Steel
    Finish: Black Zinc Plated

    Also known as thin lock nut or low profile hex nut, Jam Nuts are typically half the height of a standard hex nut. Jam Nuts are used as a locking nut when jammed up against a standard nut to lock the two in place.

    Commonly used with threaded rod and in situations where vibration must be prevented from loosening a bolted joint.

    • Model: NJAM24X2.0BLZ
    • Manufactured by: BM APPROVED MFG